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Breaking News

When the value of life
drops below freezing point
when they march under commands
like brain dead beings

when the sun rises to its peak
but there is feeble light
Dark times ahead
you call the future bright?

when news gives you immunity
violence converted to words
I know not who died
But I know to avoid that herd

like sheep slaughtered for meat
their deaths become statistics
a speech drives the issue further
they argue on who did this

a storm overtook that town
property and lives were lost
with children and women left to drown
poor people, don’t give a toss

I know this country is no more safe
where blasts are heard by a mile
more guns and bullets will calm it down
they say it’ll take a while

some call it war, some collateral damage
I am left to pick the description
it’s clear what happened
blood spilled and battered
yet media makes a vague depiction

there is no law, but many to eat
under powers they confide
foreign pressure, a victim, an oppressor
which town is safe to reside

with masks worn, souls torn
culprits roam undisturbed
it shouldn’t bother me, I’m away from it all
yet ignoring seems absurd

And tomorrow I wake up
with more breaking news,
more souls sold for money
One thing I know, human life is cheap
under evil forms of tyranny.



Carved with mud
Air blown into lungs
Driven by the dogma
Abandoned soul within
Heart plays a melody
Life spreads through my veins
Mind set to unravel creation
Distracted by a chaotic display
Yearning to break the chains
And fly
Invisible wings
built upon me
I would shine on this world
The dream is still alive
But in everyday scenario
People struggle to survive
Ego is sky high
Yet I don’t know why
And where to start
Love and equality
A truth that seldom exists
In the book of God
Dusted under sands of time
Information overload
Religious practice one minute
Material in the other
Determined momentarily
Distracted for days
Temporary jubilation
Prayer keeps me going
Surrounds a stage
A touch of destruction
Desires held strong
Faith held weak
Leaping to catch
A ghostly object
Visit the grave
My right arm crosses
Over my heart
The left crosses over that
I close my eyes
Death can be imagined
A minute later
Heat and suffocation
Pull the covers back down
What am I
An existing form
Till I breathe
Skull and bones
When I die.
What lives on, is not I
Just a flame within me
that would let go
when the heart beats
its final.

Another world

An ordinary girl sat by her room’s window, staring at the star strewn sky. It was magical enough; just staring into the night. She could lose herself into wondering what was beyond those stars. Another being, another creed… secrets she would never know? Could she ever get a glimpse of another world? Maybe better creatures, who lived in harmony. Maybe her soul traveled every night to another dimension. After-all, how did she go to places in her dreams that she never witnessed while awake. How could she form images of anything unseen in her mind?

Like the dream where she flew right above wet grass. It was so fresh she almost smelt the wet earth. The wind swept across face, her eyes watered with the chill the wind brought, but every moment was pleasurable. As her sight met the gap ahead she realized she was flying on top of a mountain. She looked ahead at water gushing down from the mountain ahead. A massive waterfall. Her eyes dared to look down and saw depth of the waters. Suddenly it was all too frightening. The roar of tonnes of water speeding down, smashing into the river far beneath. Grey clouds above her head seemed to bring far more cold than ever before. Was it possible to fly a little higher? Since the thought of falling down became an increasing fear. She reached higher altitude, the waterfall became smaller and smaller, the sight ahead was of more plain grass and hidden wonders. She wanted to explore this new place.

But an external cue woke her up that very minute. A dream was lost, she was back inside the four walls, back to her normal routine, back to the unpleasantness of competition and drama of this world. But what she saw was more overwhelming than all this. Her heart craved to fly to that world again.