There is no match of this voice, this style of the east. A song that has so much originality and passion put into the words. While a westerner would find it really odd, even funny at times where the vocalist tends to lengthen his words in the tune. But if you listen you will, perhaps be able to have a glimpse of beauty of these vocals. Whenever Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is listened to I tend to drift away from present grounds and fly away to the east, to hot weathers and golden mornings, to the scent of spices and jasmines.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, a legend of Pakistan, created many masterpieces, his music and voice revives the heritage of the East, of true love and its true meanings, of the pain of letting go of your loved one, the ecstacy of being in love, and the illusions that it creates. It’s difficult to pick another one of my favourites from his collection since all of them are memorable and almost equally as moving as the previous one.

It’s a great concern for many to see this sort of music and style fade away in the East now, while there is an on-growing love to western music, of the pop culture, rap and music. Rap is enjoyable, though it would be nice if the rappers talked about something more intelligent than going to clubs and getting drunk n checking out girls with tight ass jeans. One is feeling the need to post an article specifically for rappers now =)

So coming back to the present ground, Eastern music should be preserved and practiced because it carries its own vibe, seperate from everything else, the music, the sounds represent an amazing culture, a diverse culture so very different from everything else, so close to my heart, It is ever-living. I hope Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s style is adapted and held dearly to.  I hope the East never lets go of its origins, be it classical, qawwalis, folk music, etc. Because diversity is beautfiul.