This story has made its place in the unforgettable list of books I’ve read. While I want to try to avoid all the cliché s to describe it, it was truly moving, shocking, and emotionally gripping story of two teenage sisters whose fate was decided by the man of the house.

The two sisters are brought up in Britain. As their Yemeni father starts to question their whereabouts and their freedom, the sisters don’t realize he will go as far as selling them off to his Yemeni friends. Their father and his friends form layers of deception for the two young girls and before they know it, their exotic holiday in Yemen turns out to be lifelong imprisonment in scorching heats of a remote village.

Zana Muhsen and Nadia Muhsen; the older sister is a shade for her young one. Throughout their struggle, Zana makes Nadia dream of the day when they will be free. While Nadia is gentle enough to be walked over by the overpowering men, Zana continues to resist.

This real-life story makes you see a woman’s power which is of pure love, whether it’s for her sister, for her child, for her brother or anyone who gives love in return. It’s a story that shows you a real woman cannot be molded the way an over-powering man wants, if she forgets to fight for herself, she doesn’t forget to fight for her loved ones.

The end isn’t complete, Zana leaves behind Nadia, but she keeps on fighting for her sister and their children. What a complex web of love these women form on their journey of life, that even freedom of their body isn’t enough to quench their thirst, their children become a part of them. They are never whole again without their children.

It’s awkward to call a person’s real-life story, a ‘must-read’ book. While these nightmares are coming in peoples’ lives all around the world, It’s important to connect, to understand and make a change in our mindsets. To bring a better future for those around us and a better place to live.