Most of the times in our life, we forget who we are, where we came from, what are we doing, what is our purpose. Most of the times, our soul gets burried somewhere within us, while  another form takes over us. An artificial form. A restless form. A firece form. Our behaviour changes and our character fulctuates. Common desires arise, ambitions are altered and dreams become selfish. We become prepared to live in this artificial world that was built precicely to delude us from the truth.

It is difficult for a human to stay on the right path, we are easily mislead, we are easily tempted to change our ways for temporary jubilation. We fail to recognize when and where we went wrong, till we become lost, in this jungle of greed and selfishness.

How do you trace your footsteps back to where you started? How do you return to your real self in all this chaos? How do you pull yourself out of this web?

I want to find  a place where i can really relax my mind, where i could hear myself breath, where everything that surrounds me is natural. Where I can meditate my mind, my heart, to find oneness, real peace and happiness in myself. I become my real happiness. I become the one to make a change for the better.

I am on the journey to find myself, the real me.  I hope to arise a greater, stonger person within myself and elevate my soul. One day I will learn the real happiness of life, one day I will be myself again and never let go of it.