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Postcard Designs: Pakistan

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Thought I’d share my drawings. It’s part of the project to raise funds for Pakistan Floods.

I took the pictures from webcam so quality isn’t so great, but well at least it adds colour.

The picture with children says:” The Brilliance of their eyes, showed eternal light” These children were photograph by Pakistan Youth Alliance’s members who have made several deliveries to the effected areas.

The mother and child photo: “She smiled at the heavens, for sparing the diamonds in her arms.”


Charity money?

There has been a great load of disasters in the past few years. The recent one being the haiti earthquake in 2010, and there was a massive earthquake in pakistan in 2005, then there was the tsunami in 2004.  Overall there is continous flooding occuring through many countries, due to the rise of global warming and increasing sea levels. These are the times when humanity seems united under one umbrella, yet these are the times where corruption exposes itself more haughtily than ever.

Everytime we donate many of us wonder whether this money will actually be utilised in the correct manner, whether we will actually be saving lives and not filling up the stomachs of fat selfish men who empower the rest, who claim the money, who promise to help out their people.

The truth is, little money is actually used approriately and this mostly happens from smaller charity organisations that have actually hired workers to do the delivery of goods and they certainly dedicate all their life to bringing about a change. The problem is you still cannot be sure if some of them have taken a few pictures of a truck load of goods and kept rest in their pockets, or to pay for their leaflets and new cars.

It is hard to imagine how much money is spent in the charity sector by people all around the world, to save lifes and eradicate poverty. However very little input is shown by many organisations, while so much money is being donated, what sort of management has been set up to answer the basic needs of people. While a bag of goodies may ease one family’s hunger for a while, what about the next day, and the day after? The problem is, that no network of contnious supply of people’s necessities is being created.

It worries me that we don’t know how the money is dealt with, who is it handed to and why we still see people starving even though hundred millions of pounds/dollars etc are given away every year in this sector. These organisations ought to be revised and kept a check on, these governements who claim the money of the poor (such as paksitan’s and kenya’s) and are free to roam about need to be dealt with otherwise there will never be enough money to help the people who have lost their homes, their food and their loved ones. There will never be enough as long as such a corrupt system keeps running.

And as for the people who cut out on their expenditures to make donations, even if it is small; make sure the charity organisation you pay for is genuine and has given valuable evidence of their previous work. Keep donating and and working for each other, to make the world a better place.