So what’s with this obsession of losing enough weight until you look close enough to a skeleton with flesh mixed with make up on top.  It’s horrific, it’s foul and it’s driving all the women to insecurity and in a race to lose weight!!!

Funny when you flip through magazines, one minute they are trying to do their just cause of highlighting a celebrity (such as Victoria Beckham) looking very anorexic in her super-skinny dress and the next page is all about how to lose weight. Seriously… what exactly are you saying?

Oh camon, this woman is seriously deprived of good food. Imagine being filthy rich and dieting enough to look like you’ve just come from Africa’s poorest country. And could only fit into children’s clothing. =)

There are so many things out there to make you feel like your the ugly one. But just look at all these unhappy, size 0 celebrities. Don’t you see its not easy being famous? Don’t you see their whole life has become so aritificial and controlled by the media? I really pity them for all the pressure that’s put on them. They looked so much prettier when they were themselves, without their plastic surgeries and anorexic diet regimes.

And I will tell all my girls, You’re all so beautiful. Don’t let any brainwashing magazine, movie, model or ANYTIHNG let you feel down or depressed. Just be your real self, be original, wear less make up because you really don’t need layers of chemicals on your face =D, treat yourself for desserts and enjoy life, enjoy being you.

And now I can finally enjoy some home made pasta.  :p