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France, Un voyage magnifique!

J’adore France. C’est un pays belle. I took some photographs, which aren’t brilliant, but will always be part of my memories in France. And they just don’t seem enough to capture the beauty of all that is seen by the naked eye.


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An art lover!

Here are a few drawings I have done recently just because it’s been a while I hadn’t grabbed my paints to work through my imagination on to paper. Thought I’d share!


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Ashes to Ashes.

Beneath her consciousness



A memory lay, deep and dark. Perhaps as dark as the room which withheld it.

Below layers;

Of trampled soil, of forgotten dates, of fears of loss, of childhood memories,

Of lost property, of spiritual calls, of discarded words; was him.

On by one, it peeled away,

One layer,

After another,



She exposed him to herself.

Ignited by the spark, he rose avidly, like a phoenix that rose from the ashes,

Wailing at its rebirth, his relentless vibes streamed through the sky, wings which spread Majestically, prepared to take flight.

Captivated, she was his prisoner this time. The music of the phoenix hypnotized her senses, tuning her to a world unseen.

Came a wailing,

Like a whistling breeze

Soaring wings

Like flapping of a veil

She stood somewhere, open ground, dew and mist. New visions spread each time as the phoenix spread its wings, soaring higher and higher. Yet she remained still, out of fear, out of love, out of hope, for a glimpse of him.

And there he was, statuesque, beyond the haze, a grey silhouette, still and silent.

Under the umbrella of Unison, she approached him,

One step

After another,



Through the haze she reached out her hands.

Yet music began to fade, her beloved was falling,

Like a rusting metal, it’s glimmering coat corroding

Exposing the rawness hidden underneath her dreams.

Nothing was felt.

Nothing heard.

How abrupt was the parting, merciless, unjust.

Empty space. Crispier ground.

Beneath her feet, were ashes, black ashes.