She closed her eyes for some moments. And thought of him. A tear dropped! Her eyes opened, her senses had awakened, something that she didn’t want. No memory of his was ever to pass across her mind again. Why was it so hard to repress the memory.

Another tear! What was she, an object of someone’s desire, or a human with a heart and soul. Could she not be loved back the same way. Why wasn’t her love as disperesed, or altered by other beings that crossed her path. Why had it become enchanted by only his presence.

And a word, an echo from him made her feel like she was walking on the canopy of clouds, the world under her feet, with fresh breeze touching her face. She could tip toe in her white dress and spin in circles, she could feel the softening of her mood and playing of the piano. What had awakened her this way, was her love.

Yet he had left her quietly. For another girl. And gave her the reason to repress the feelings he himself was determined to arouse in her. It wasn’t easy. Neither to accept the loss, nor reach out in thin air. Love can sometimes be a feeling as light as a floating feather, or a curse left after indulging into something forbidden.